Technical Equipment

Technical Equipment

The use of special technical equipment, i.e. simultaneous interpreting booths, interpretation system and a microphone system, are necessary for providing simultaneous interpreting services. The interpreter must have a direct, unobstructed view of the room and the speaker (podium) and at the same time be in a soundproof environment in order to listen to the speaker’s voice clearly without any interference. This is of outmost importance for both interpreters and conference participants, since different factors may affect the interpreter’s performance and distract the participants from listening to the speakers because of inappropriate technical equipment.

The necessary technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation includes the following:

1) Booths

a booth for each language pair (mobile or built-in).
Two kinds of mobile booths are available on the market:
- table-top simultaneous interpretation booths (they cost less but do not meet ISO 4043:1998 requirements).
Table-top booths are available on the market at lower prices than full-size walk-in soundproof booths but are not recommended because they are not soundproof; they are also not recommended for multi-booth events.
- full-size, walk-in soundproof SI booths in compliance with ISO 4043:1998 (recommended because it is soundproof)
Built-in booths should conform to ISO 2603:1998.

2) Simultaneous interpretation system.

It includes:
- - a simultaneous interpretation console (transmitter)
- - the interpreter’s console
- - special headsets and
- radiators

3) Microphone system (conference room).

It includes:
-Sound transmission system and speakers
-Microphones for the chair and the speakers
-Microphones for the participants
-Wireless receivers for the participants

4) Secretariat.

responsible for distributing headsets to the participants. The Secretariat may be taken over by either the organizer (at no cost) or the provider of the technical equipment at extra charge.

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